New additions to Mister Devious

Honestly, I’m not sure these will be permanent additions to the portfolio. They’re hardly representative of the intentions of the original project. However, I think they’re good shots if a bit tame compared to the intentions of Mister Devious.

The harder may not appear here, but remain in the books already published and ones to come.

Megan Murray

Architecturally Moist
Megan Murray

Megan Murray was one of my favorite people to work with, and for a time she was a good friend too. Our time working together was prolific, rambunctious, filthy. With her, and a few other models, I think we successfully blurred the line between art and porn.

I’m not going to call it erotica, ’cause that’s just fuckin’ stupid. (I always felt that erotica was wank material for spineless shits.)

Either way, this portrait doesn’t fit within either of those classifications. I think it’s just a damn good capture of an introspective moment of a beautiful girl.