Le Finger

Originally as aside, goofy thing to shoot while we get on with the day.  This simple gesture has become a “thing”.

I’m going to give the “thing” in book form to my Patreon supporters , who donate a certain amount (hasn’t been decided yet). It’s a thank you to all you glorious bastards who want a cool collectable “thing” with boobies, booties and vaginas.

Here’s a sampler, enjoy:

To see all the photos you’ll need to support me on Patreon, but there’s more of a tease here:

Le Finger


Lovely to see MandiMunster back! In an evening shoot punctuated by the dead, go-kart backfire and cow moo’s not one alien corpse was seen. Much better things were seen though. Here’s a quick sample of our work. I haven’t pilfered through all the shots yet, but here are some quick stabs at a few.