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Le Finger has got another name change. it was briefly changed to Wild Tweets, but now I think Derp Birds* might be better. It reflects some of the changes I’ve made to it since I’ve got the last proof copy. It has a lot more candid, bloopers and weird images of models being themselves… y’know, derpy.

It’s a silly book. It makes me happy.

It’s going out for the next, and final (I hope), proof run. I’m getting anxious and want this out. I think I may make it available to (in electronic format) to my Patreon supporters before it goes on sale. Keep an eye out for it on my Patreon site for more info when it’s available.

So what is a Derp Bird? Here’s a sample below:

*I suck at naming things and I may just go back to my default pseudo-latin pun gibberish before this book hits shelves.

Le Finger update

Le Finger has been renamed to Wild Tweets (A Collection of Bird Photography) and has been sent off for a second proof round. Weee!


Le Finger

Originally as aside, goofy thing to shoot while we get on with the day.  This simple gesture has become a “thing”.

I’m going to give the “thing” in book form to my Patreon supporters , who donate a certain amount (hasn’t been decided yet). It’s a thank you to all you glorious bastards who want a cool collectable “thing” with boobies, booties and vaginas.

Here’s a sampler, enjoy:

To see all the photos you’ll need to support me on Patreon, but there’s more of a tease here:

Le Finger