Vintage Photos

I’ll be sharing some of my vintage collection. They’re fun.

Some of these may be used in some of my upcoming work. Hard to tell at this stage, but I thought I’d share.

Location Scouting

headstone of an unknown infant.
headstone of an unknown infant.

Doing a little research today, found a very hidden, very forgotten cemetery. Looking at it from a distance, it doesn’t seem like much, a little grove with some shady trees. The regular spaced rocks mostly obscured by the grass tells the real story.

It’s predominantly a child cemetery. The vast majority of these old budget headstones are for children and infants barely a year old. The dates range a century, 1840’s to the 1940’s, and after that it seems that it’s mostly left to time.

Someone has come to mow, I suspect the city is doing this. It’s a little forgotten piece of death, so completely tucked away I don’t think those people who line the circumference of this land know it’s even here.

I think I’ll put a nude women here doing terrible things to herself. Just a thought.