Courtney Crave

Tulipam scalaria
Courtney Crave at the theater

The Mister Devious portfolio has been updated again.

This series of photos with Courtney Crave has always reminded me of certain ghost photos, namely the famous Tulip Staircase photo and to a lesser extent Brown Lady of Raynham Hall photo.

My favorite has been, and probably always will be the Tulip Staircase, which is where the title of this series get’s it’s name. The original Tulip photo always bothered me. Not because there’s supposedly a ghost in it, but because I couldn’t reconcile the perspective, the shapes, distortions and light. It’s all awkward and strange, clearly a hoax, but so compositionally bizarre that it’s stuck with me for nearly forty years.

In response, I give the staircase a nude woman. Ha!