Big update

The server had an upgrade and a couple of my posts were deleted. Could be worse all things considered. That does mean that I have a lot to update you on though.

Personally I feel a little lazy about it all and may just dump a buttload of images in your lap and let you sort it out for yourself. Heh.

So to bring you up to speed:

  • the 3D scanning rig (ver. 2) worked better than I hoped. Now I need to bring in more cameras… working on that right now.
  • Still looking for a studio space. Came very close to buying a warehouse a couple of months ago, it fell through though. Back on the hunt again. The challenge is finding a space in my price range and with a relatively convenient location… hard to do in North Texas.
  • Looking for some fresh faces and perverse minds for models… hard to do in North Texas too ifnyaknowutimean. If you’re interested, check out this info here.

Here are some images to chew on. Enjoy!

Here are some additional pieces that I’m calling sketches for now. I’m tinkering and seeing where this takes me. It could be good, could suck. Either way I think it’s interesting to see the embarrassing stumbles that might lead to gold. It’s worth the exercise.  Here are my stumbles:

Here’s a project I’m tentatively calling the History of Pornography (I’m terrible at titles):


More Vintage nonsense

I’m being crushed by a project that’s been going on and on, over-budget and continuous delays. In the background my collection of (slightly ignored) vintage negs has been piling up and I haven’t had a moment to get them organized and scanned.

Well, I’m taking a few well deserved moments to bring you up to date in preparation for the marathon scanning I’ll have to do once I’m out from under the elephant.

Behold! A small mountain of vintage pinups, porn and general nonsense:

Some bleary-eyed updates

I’m pooped. But I’m chugging on. There’s been a few new additions to the portfolio and a new addition to my Candy Earle collection too.


Here’s the new Candy Earle:

Candy Earle

Some 3D updates as well… The first prototype camera array has been built and it does work. Just not enough cameras (or the right lens if I’m being totally honest) to produce a clean scan, but it does scan. I’m on the hunt for the material and keep y’all appraised of my progress.

P.S. Totally check out my casting call, because Rhubarb tastes more like stewed prunes than asparagus. That’s why.

Casting Call – Adult modeling opportunity in Dallas/Fort Worth

This is an open casting call for natural females in the Dallas/Fort Worth area for adult modeling work.  I have several projects in the pipeline and would like to work with you to create my vision, be my muse and inspiration, and to be my canvas for experimentation and creativity.

No experience is necessary or required. You only need an open mind and a sense of adventure.

Take a moment to read the details below and if this interests you please send in your application. I’m happy to answer any and all questions regarding this work, just send a note to

The work: This is adult modeling, which means that as the model you’ll be nude and photographed in sexually oriented photos. The artwork spans from traditional art nudes, fetish, kink and bondage to smut and trashy exploitation; usually all within the same photo shoot. The techniques also span from traditional photography to experimental new technologies. Every photo shoot is unique, collaborative and your creative input is welcome.

See my portfolio or published books for examples.

(Since the above detail is sometimes forgotten or ignored, please include the words “glitter pony” in your application. It’s just an indication to me that you’ve read this part of the post and understand what this work entails… also because it’s silly.)

Body types: For my various projects I need figures that range from extremely thin (think skeletal) to a height/weight proportionate figure and all the variations in between. You should be born female with the appropriate genitalia. The only figures I can not use are obese and morbidly obese body types.

I’m very interested in women with unique features.  What does that mean? Women that have large ears, eyes, nose, double jointed, large over bite or under bite; disproportionate breasts, hips, bottom, hands and/or feet; pregnancy, amputations, deformities, or any physically unique features are welcome to apply.

Payment: I pay a flat fee for four hours of shoot time. If we finish before the four hours are up you still get the full fee. If our shoot time extends past the four hours you will be paid an additional overtime hourly wage. Payment is issued at the end of the photo shoot. I will not disclose the fee on an open post, but all serious inquiries and applicants will get the full details.

About the artist: I am a professional and published photographer. I’ve had several books and monographs published over the years and featured in magazines and web sites. I create a collaborative, creative, cheerful  and positive work environment where you feel safe and comfortable to express yourself.

Requirements: If your application is accepted and a photo shoot time has been scheduled you’ll be required to:

  • Arrange your own transportation
  • Sign a model release form
  • Provide a current government issued photo ID (driver’s license, state ID, military ID, etc…)

How to apply: Submitting your application is quick and easy. All you need to do is send me an email ( with the following information:

  1. Your full name
  2. your email address
  3. Your date of birth
  4. Your measurements (height/weight, bust, waist, hips, dress size)
  5. Five (5) recent photos of yourself. Please include two clear photos of your head/face and several full figured body photos.
  6. Any additional information you think I should know about you (schedule limitations, interests, ideas for a photo shoot, etc…)

Hey!, you made it to the end of the post!