Recon Motels pt. 2

Here is the infamous Como motel and the Pines Motel.

So far, I have to say, the Como is the most promising. We’ll see, I’ll be shooting here next week.

Recon Motels pt. 1

Based on some suggestions from fellow Fetlife users, I checked up on a few locations for possible future shoots. The exteriors definitely had some of the elements I was looking for. However the interiors weren’t where I needed them. Plus they aren’t anywhere near as close to the areas I need to be in.

I’m off to check some possibilities tomorrow.  More motel signage porn tomorrow.

Deviations & Perversions

Weegee I
Chapel Waste in Weegee I

A new portfolio is in the works called Deviations & Perversions.

Don’t let the title mislead you, especially considering my oeuvre*. These are shots that generally don’t fit with the context of other projects or series. These are thoughts, explorations, a photo sketchbook of meanderings. Most of the time, my work develops out of explorations like these. So, for now, these are explorations that haven’t led anywhere just yet.

I’m being very grandiose about a portfolio that has just one image in it. It’ll grow, though. It’ll grow.

* Fuck. I hate using words like that, but it lets me get to the point quicker. So, yay, I’m a hypocrite again.


Quam ad agam cum te furiosus
Sophia cracking up

Take nothing seriously, liven the mood, laughter is erotic.

Sophia has been added to the Mister Devious portfolio.

Someday I’ll discuss why I use broken Latin for the titles of these photos. But I can’t be bothered right now… This paragraph is just here to remind me that I need to do this. Not trying to alienate you, at least not with this paragraph but maybe a little with the titles.


Chloe S. in Mister Devious

ardens sensatio
Chloe S. smokes

If given a choice, I will always choose the photo that addresses the viewer directly. Next in the hierarchy of exploitation, I tend to choose the most vulgar, exploitative, demeaning, humiliating or emotionally evocative shot. Failing that, I will always choose the absurd, silly or candid above the rest. If that’s not available, I’ll choose the photo that shows the model in pain, picking her nose or scratching her butt.


‘Cause it’s sexy as fuck, that’s why.

I get extra bonus points if I get the shot that contains all of the above. Haven’t gotten there yet though, dammit.


Chloe S. has been added to the Mister Devious portfolio.