No More Patreon and Stuff

I’ve shut down the Patreon site.

While one thing plops new stuff boils from it’s moist remains.*

I’m still shootin’.Most recently with Whisky Waffles and a newcomer, M.

I’ve been scanning in my personal collection of vintage slides and negatives. Some of the photos are really wonderful. I can’t wait to ruin them. In the mean time I’ll share some of them unedited (mostly). Keep an eye out for them.

3D scanning continues as well. I still haven’t gotten a workable human scan. It’s a technical problem. Technically I could throw a lot of money at the issue and it’ll go away. I can’t do that though, so it’s a matter of thinking creatively to solve it.

I’m so close.

Oh hey! Shootin’ with Mallory this weekend too. Gonna be a good time.

*I love that terrible, terrible sentence.

Lotsa things!

First of all, derp BIRDS has been published and is available on Amazon. (

What’s derp BIRDS? It’s what Le Finger became after a bit of tinkering.

What’s Le Finger? C’mon, I can’t hold your hand all the time. Just check out some previous posts… or better yet, go buy the book. Clearly you’re an individual who’s taste and sophistication are as immense as your intellect and sex drive.

(That’s some very subtle pandering. I’ve been watching a lot of politics lately. But seriously, you are all those things. Don’t believe me? Go look in a mirror… then go buy my book.)

I’ve been shootin’ and scannin’ too. Worked with a cool new model named Whiskey Waffles (badass handle, ain’t it?) and we’ll be shooting and scanning again next week.

Patreon subscribers of $20 or more now get a weekly custom gallery of an archived (or new) photo shoot. Two have been published so far; one of Angela Ryan and another featuring Courtney Crave and Nikki Sebastian. There’s a little teaser below, but if you want the whole shebang (including outtakes and various weirdness) you gotta be a supporter of mine on Patreon. Here’s a link:

Now I’m off on holiday for a few days. I could use the rest.