Le Finger update

Le Finger has been renamed to Wild Tweets (A Collection of Bird Photography) and has been sent off for a second proof round. Weee!


Dinosaurs, Patreon and Porn

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This is what a cold looks like. Ifyadidntknow…

Been sick the past week and it’s been driving me nuts. This morning I couldn’t take it anymore. Grabbed my camera and a box of tissues and got on the road to scope out locations for a shoot.

Ended up in Dinosaur Valley National Park. It was flooded but I squeezed off a few shots anyway.

Here’s a few.

P.S. I started a Patreon account to gather some coin to support my photography (porn!) and 3D work. I would very much like you to participate.  Check it out at the link below. 😀


And now I’m off to bed… again.


Here’s a pic of my desktop right now. Working on some old photos of Angela Ryan. Good times.

Also prepping for a shoot tomorrow evening… but I need a nap first.

Shit, dude. I’m pooped.

A Trickle of Megan Murray

I’m digging through piles and piles of photos, working on the next book. I’m finding so many photos of Megan that I like very much. With her I think I found the balance between sexually exciting and artistic imagery… Or as Robin Williams once put it,”We must propagate the species but still have conversation afterwards that’s why I’m looking for a woman who gives mind if you catch my drift.”