Covid was a bitch, wasn’t it?

So, updates… I got sick. Not Covid, but happened at the same time. It knocked me out of the game for a year or so. I’m much better now and have been working when I can. See images below.

Yep. That’s Chapel Waste, mutherfucka! This makes us working together (off and on) for 16 years.

Also, I’m getting Mystique back for more scanning shenanigans (scananigans?), had a session with Jen recently as well.

Check out Chapel’s OnlyFans Site here:

3D Schtuff and schtings

I realize I haven’t posted much of my WIP. I’m still working on the scanner and I’m familiarizing myself the some new software. Things are chugging along in the background at least. This whole process reminds me a lot of the early days of Photoshop, before layers, when you were pushing a pixels around a giant cathode-ray cancer tube.

Here’s are some screengrabs ‘n schtuff.

Casting Call – Adult Modeling for 3D Scans


I’m looking for women/natural born females who are height/weight proportionate in the North Texas/DFW area interested in doing some paid nude adult modeling for 3D scans.

I’m working on a series based on slavery and submission, alternative history, and sexual surrealism using this new technology and want you to participate. So, if you’re adventurous, good natured and open to a new kind of modeling gig send me a note.

BTW – I’m a professional and published photographer who makes a safe and fun working environment. If you want to see what my work is like, check out my portfolio here. Of particular interest would be the 3D Exploration section.

If you’ve got questions, or if you’re interested in modeling, send me a note. ( I’m happy to answer.

Looking forward to working with you!