The Week in Review (Oct. 14, 2016)

The week was good! It’s been a sort of mini-vacation with an artist friend. We’ve gluttoned* lots of good food, lots of good drink and lots of laughs.

I’ve even had some time to do a scan test on him.


The scans are getting better, the technology is getting more manageable. It really is becoming a resource issue now. Space, light and cameras – Increase those elements while decreasing time and we’re golden.

I’ve been reworking the Whiskey Waffles scan to produce something as an example of my goals. Still in progress, but getting closer.

In addition to all the grub going on below, there’s a casting call out for women who would like to model for me (Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX area). Have a link if’n yer interested:

Here’s the digest of going’s on, get your galoshes:

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Onomatopoeia bitches.

* “Gluttoned”: Is that even a word?