Nekkidness and Tomfoolery

3D scanning has been occupying my thoughts. I’m desperate to get to the next level, whatever that may be, of my work. Getting an accurate, detailed, photogrammetric scan of my subjects is the first step. I’m hitting the wall of my tiny kidney bean-like brain though… and my wallet, seriously… this this is getting expensive.

Still, the work goes on and I’ve made many prototypes of lighting rigs (lighting is my main enemy at this point). The necessary components of a good photogrammetric scan is control of the depth of field and maintaining focus in indirect light. There’s been some success though, I’ve included a few small scale test scans below, but you can see more on my Sketchfab site:

But I bet this 3D tomfoolery isn’t what you’re here for. You probably want to see some nekkidness… amiright?

Here’s a few more for the portfolio.


Holy Shit

I’m bouncing around so many web sites, trying to get the word out about my new work and drumming up support for it, that I’m dragging behind on my actual web site.

So here’s some updates:

I’m in heavy recruitment mode right now. I want to shoot, a lot. Like tons. Fresh faces, new bodies, perverse minds – if you’re interested send me a note.

I’ve been scanning a lot of headstones lately too. Gathering assets for some of my upcoming work. Here’s an example of a test scan. Plenty to fix, but that’ll happen when I shoot the object. I’m learning with every scan. Anxious to expand this tech to include scanning of models… the anticipation. Ugh!

What about the photos? That never stops. What about the books? That never stops.

FYI – Patreon supporters get to have some sneak peeks, behind the scenes goodies. Dontcha’ want to be a part of that? (

Vistas, scenery and exploitation. Hot damn!

Some new additions here. I’ve got a snippet from the American Cheese Series, Furiously Fingering in the City of the Dead and even some good ol’ Mister Devious things.

Now that I see them up here I can’t help but notice some refinements and changes I’d like to make. Enjoy ’em while they’re up. A couple of them may come down for some massaging.

I’m not telling which ones might come down… that would be cheating.

And I might get lazy and not do anything.

And then everyone be like, “Fuck that dude. He’s full of shit.”

Which, funny enough, is the title of my next book.

It’s the circle of life, motherfuckers.

Can I put another one sentence paragraph here?

Why, yes.

Yes you can.

A Thorny Sample

I took thousands of images of Thorn the other day. Thousands. Hundreds of photos aren’t unusual for me, but I think this is the first time I broke the thousand photo count in a single shoot.

I’ll be sifting through these photos for years.

Here’s another quick pass as I meander through the mountain.