Quick Update – Left Behind

Hey, just a quickie here. I’ve updated the Left Behind project gallery with a few new pics (actually, old pics – but new to the site).

The Left Behind book is getting to be too huge and has been split into two volumes to keep the price down. This may be rectified by some serious editing, but in it’s rough state it’s a big mutha.

Oh yeah, also added a couple of pieces to the Goofballery and Silliness gallery.

Some Stuff ‘n Stuff…

I’m like a kitten with too many toys. I can’t control my impulse to play with all of them at once.

Still, shooting happens and here are a couple of quickies…

A Wild Girl

a fera puellula (a wild girl)

It’s worth revisiting the old sets and look them over with fresh eyes. For example, I thought I mined to death this set I did with .sparrow. in Griffith Park.

Her eyes; man, her eyes kill me.

At the risk of sounding crass, which I am; and sounding tastelessly sexist (I am)… there are many parts besides her eyes that could kill me.

Her spirit though, her spirit is infectious, charming and seductive.