3D Schtuff and schtings

I realize I haven’t posted much of my WIP. I’m still working on the scanner and I’m familiarizing myself the some new software. Things are chugging along in the background at least. This whole process reminds me a lot of the early days of Photoshop, before layers, when you were pushing a pixels around a giant cathode-ray cancer tube.

Here’s are some screengrabs ‘n schtuff.

Big update

The server had an upgrade and a couple of my posts were deleted. Could be worse all things considered. That does mean that I have a lot to update you on though.

Personally I feel a little lazy about it all and may just dump a buttload of images in your lap and let you sort it out for yourself. Heh.

So to bring you up to speed:

  • the 3D scanning rig (ver. 2) worked better than I hoped. Now I need to bring in more cameras… working on that right now.
  • Still looking for a studio space. Came very close to buying a warehouse a couple of months ago, it fell through though. Back on the hunt again. The challenge is finding a space in my price range and with a relatively convenient location… hard to do in North Texas.
  • Looking for some fresh faces and perverse minds for models… hard to do in North Texas too ifnyaknowutimean. If you’re interested, check out this info here.

Here are some images to chew on. Enjoy!

Here are some additional pieces that I’m calling sketches for now. I’m tinkering and seeing where this takes me. It could be good, could suck. Either way I think it’s interesting to see the embarrassing stumbles that might lead to gold. It’s worth the exercise.  Here are my stumbles:

Here’s a project I’m tentatively calling the History of Pornography (I’m terrible at titles):


Meet Christina

I got a shoot in with Christina a couple of days ago. Much fun, lotsa’ dirty pics. Have a gander below:


She responded to my mature casting call and I think it all turned out awesome.

On the 3D front, I’ve just about got the first prototype camera array up and running. I’m waiting on a few lenses to arrive and then I’ll be running the first scans very, very soon. I’m excited.

My schedule is insane these days, but I don’t care. I’m gonna pack in as many shoots and scans as I possibly can. I don’t wanna die with a reputation of being a lazy bum. Just being a bum is good enough for me.

Coming Together

All the work I’ve been doing on 3D scanning, photogrammetry and my vintage photo collection have been coming together.

There’s still so much more to do, but I feel I’m finally in place to put some pieces together to see how they fit. Thus, the “sketches” you see above. I wouldn’t call them successful or finished. But they’re necessary for me to evaluate the next steps.

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Failing Towards Progression

It’s been a crash course in Blender these past few weeks.

I’m not satisfied with the last sketch I showed y’all. Generic bald avatars standing in for actual 3D scans is boring. The tentacles were boring. I hit the right spot in Baroque composition though, which means it was boring. The environment was nebulous, which meant it was the correct amount of radical and avant-garde(!)… No, actually it was boring.

I’m not abandoning the idea yet, though.

Daikichi test render
Daikichi test render

I realized that I needed to expand my vocabulary with all things 3D. Spread my wings a bit and try out some of my other sketch ideas. While doing that, I’d take on some learning tasks I need to get under my belt. Cloth simulation, hair simulation, character rigging, armatures and good ol’ fashioned 3D modeling.

The first diversion is what I’m temporarily calling Fish Hook Fuck Me. The idea originally came from a realization I had years ago: I am completely oblivious to women who want to fuck me. It just goes right over my head and only later, much, much later (years, in fact) that it occurs to me that I missed an opportunity or a possible relationship.

Yep, I am that dense.

While lamenting over my stupidity, I asked myself, “What would it take for me to see their advances?” The awful answer was that they needed to hook flags into their skin that says “Fuck Me” on them. Even then I’m not sure I would believe the message was for me, but it would get my attention.

Below are some of my efforts in that direction.

While I think I’ve got a better handle on the tech, the concept and execution is failing. Still, it’s progress and I might use the idea later on down the road. But for now, this goes back into the sketchbook.

The other sketch I’ve been working on had the working title of Horse-Head Death Orgy. Catchy, but I’ve moved on. Don’t worry, still doing that one, but not for the environment I’ve been working on. The new working title isn’t as moving but it’s descriptive enough: Rhonda Riding Plasticy Rhinestone Rhino.

The two previous sketches were lacking in a grounded setting. An environment or place that compliments or clashes with the stuff that’s going on in it. This is a real effort in creating a place to set the action.

This is how your investment has been squandered this past month. Not a lot in completion, but plenty of failing progressively.

Thanks for your support!

P.S. – I need your help in spreading the word and getting more Patreon supporters. Pass the word around, encourage other in investing in gutter and degenerate art. Thanks!

P.P.S. – The rhino is just a placeholder I got from turbosquid. I’ll be 3D scanning an actual fake rhino this week.