Punch Drunk Happy

pugnus ebrius beatitudo
Chapel Waste and a black eye

Another addition to the Mister Devious Portfolio.

This is from the third set taken on a day where a scavenger derailed our shoot in an abandoned theater and where thunder clouds aborted a shoot in a swimming pool. She was always one of my favorite means to mutate art into porn and visa versa.The lines were never clearly drawn with her and amazing things happened in camera as a result.

Goofballery & Silliness

propriam presentacionem

So another gallery of images is up. I use gallery loosely as there’s one photo in there right now. More are to come as I work through the photos.

This is Chloe. One of the most animated and expressive women I have worked with. Look. Proof! Right there!

So, Goofballery & Silliness is a thing now. Enjoy!