New additions to Mister Devious

Honestly, I’m not sure these will be permanent additions to the portfolio. They’re hardly representative of the intentions of the original project. However, I think they’re good shots if a bit tame compared to the intentions of Mister Devious.

The harder may not appear here, but remain in the books already published and ones to come.

Goodbye Ash.

questio pro est lingua ego loquor
Chloe and Ash

I thought I’d take a moment to remember Ash. The fuzziest, sweetest photo assistant I ever had. Sure, others were more helpful. That’s to be expected; Ash was a cat after all. Until cats grow opposable thumbs they’re limited in usefulness.

He did shine in one aspect. Everyone loved him. He deserved every ounce of affection given to him. He deserved every rub, scratch, lap, treat. He deserved the baby talk, piggy back rides, warm bed and large meals. He was special.

I’ll miss him.

Here’s Chloe giving the ol’ boy a rub before getting on with the shoot.