Casting Call – Adult Modeling for 3D Scans


I’m looking for women/natural born females who are height/weight proportionate in the North Texas/DFW area interested in doing some paid nude adult modeling for 3D scans.

I’m working on a series based on slavery and submission, alternative history, and sexual surrealism using this new technology and want you to participate. So, if you’re adventurous, good natured and open to a new kind of modeling gig send me a note.

BTW – I’m a professional and published photographer who makes a safe and fun working environment. If you want to see what my work is like, check out my portfolio here. Of particular interest would be the 3D Exploration section.

If you’ve got questions, or if you’re interested in modeling, send me a note. ( I’m happy to answer.

Looking forward to working with you!

The Fall of Tumblr

…was a blessing.

I don’t feel any pressure to post anymore. No need to keep updating the old photo blog with reblogs and time wasting curiosities. I’ve used the time to work on my scanner instead and boy have I come a long way.

But first. Here’s a recap of some of the final images posted to my Tumblr sites:

Here’s the message I left to Tumblr regarding my feelings on the matter at the time:

Don’t worry. My Twitter feed is still going and that’s where you’ll find my ramblings, meanderings, photos, updates ‘n stuff.