More schtuff…

Got a few more prints for sale on my ebay store. Go check it out:

Each print sold goes to the new studio fund. Which, by the way, is going into full gear. This is very exciting and a just a tad bit terrifying.

So without further ado, here’s a lil’ sample of what’s new in the store.

Also, there have been a few new photos to share as well.

See ya on the flipside.

Le Finger

Originally as aside, goofy thing to shoot while we get on with the day.  This simple gesture has become a “thing”.

I’m going to give the “thing” in book form to my Patreon supporters , who donate a certain amount (hasn’t been decided yet). It’s a thank you to all you glorious bastards who want a cool collectable “thing” with boobies, booties and vaginas.

Here’s a sampler, enjoy:

To see all the photos you’ll need to support me on Patreon, but there’s more of a tease here:

Le Finger