Non Vintage schtuff…

Working on the next book… still. It’s up to four volumes now. That’s insane!

I need a break.

Here’s some schtuff.


Lovely to see MandiMunster back! In an evening shoot punctuated by the dead, go-kart backfire and cow moo’s not one alien corpse was seen. Much better things were seen though. Here’s a quick sample of our work. I haven’t pilfered through all the shots yet, but here are some quick stabs at a few.

Plodding along.

I’m inspired. I’m absolutely fired up. I’ve been building custom lights and rigs, new camera mounts and sets. My vision has blown open.

The problem is I’m in the middle of prototyping, iterations, and sometimes I feel like I’m running in circles. But that’s not the worst of it… I may not have anything to show for it for at least a year or two. That kills me.

But I keep shooting. I keep looking. I keep making my special brand of filth, trash, etc…

If you want to model for me, be a part of the new work, check out this post and do what it says: