August Patreon Photo Print Hootenanny

For all my supporters of $29.99 or more, here’s your selection of Prints for August.  These are printed on Platinum Pro photo paper, signed with the edition number and title on the back. They’re slick as hell, smart and make you a better, more fuckable creature than you can imagine.*

It’s an odd assortment this month featuring Chapel Waste with a black eye and footsome Lystra, masked, bound and suspended. Both are a limited edition and in glorious black and white.

All supporters at the $29.99 level can choose one of the two as a gift for their August contribution. If you’re not a current supporter, there’s plenty of time for you to sign up and become a patron and get your limited edition, signed photo.

Patrons at this level can also chime in a suggest photos for September! How badass is that? Yeah, pretty badass… I know.

*Mileage may vary.

Model Search and Goofballery

Looking for model to exploit this week! This is a paid gig for fresh faces, amateurs and new models. All women interested are welcome to apply. To get started send me your info, model (at), including:

  1. your name,
  2. email address,
  3. height/weight/measurements,
  4. dress and shoe size,
  5. five (5) recent photographs of yourself (include a head shot and full figure shots),
  6. and your availability (a typical shoot lasts 3-5 hours, not including travel).

Also… added a few shots to the Goofballery and Sillyness port. Thought you might like to see some humanity.