A coupla things…

A few new vintage bondage/pinup scans for you to peruse.

And some of my own nonsense.

You can probably tell that a lot of these photos are pretty old. Maybe that’s a hint on how close I’m getting to the re-issue of Special Cases, my first book.

I’m getting closer.


10 Years and All’s Well…

Looking back at the first year of the Mister Devious project… it’s still going, morphed and distorted from it’s original intent. It’s still going though. Whatever form it bubbles into in the next 10 years, there will always be a consistent thread through it all:

A personality is the sexiest damn thing there is.

Here are some sample images from those early days. Forgive the technical failings and the technological shortcomings of the time. Let those things fall aside and enjoy the photos of beautiful people who briefly let you into their intimate world.

There’s more to come…

New additions to Mister Devious

Honestly, I’m not sure these will be permanent additions to the portfolio. They’re hardly representative of the intentions of the original project. However, I think they’re good shots if a bit tame compared to the intentions of Mister Devious.

The harder may not appear here, but remain in the books already published and ones to come.

Happy Birthday Mister Devious

Cujus corpus poenae cupit
Harmony Hanson, the first model (and first shoot) featured as a Devious Girl for the Mister Devious project.

Ten years ago this week Harmony Hanson gave form to the very first Mister Devious shoot.

Ten years later I’m still working, playing, touching up those early photos. Ten years I’ve been beating myself up over mistakes, coulda’s, shoulda’s, woulda’s. This week though, I’m going to pat myself on the back. The mistakes I’ve made (many, many mistakes) aren’t holding a candle to the experience, the friendships and adventures I’ve had. I’ve helped start some interesting careers, ended a few too, I think (hopefully not my own).

I’m not going to get nostalgic on yo ass. I wont wax rhapsodic. I just want to take a moment to thank all that submitted to my camera, made art with me, showed vulnerability, defiance, humor and sex, sex, sex.

Thank you (in alphabetical order): .sparrow., Adrenalynne, Ali, Alli, Amber, Amber Ryell, Amy, AnaX, Angela Ryan, Ariel, Ashe, BarbadosPearl, Britney Siren, Carli, Casey, Chapel Waste, Charlotte, Chloe, Chloe S., Courtney Crave, Deanna Deadly, Deb, Denise, Devileth, Dye Decay, Electra, Elisha, Emilee Parker, Eve Elle, Fox, Foxxx, Fucking Brat, Genesis, Grayson, Gretchen, Harmony Hanson, Honey Cocoa Bordeaux, Jaqueline Mae, Jade Pearl, Jami Deadly, Jami French, Jenni, Jessica, Joey, Kitten, Kodi Lynn, Kricket, Krissy Leigh, Lauren, Libertine, Lindsay, Lisa, Lois Sadberry, Lucky Lady, Lyndsay, Lystra, Macey Jade, Mallory Page, MandiMunster, Metalstarlet, Michelle De Rue Paradis, Mothragirl, Ms. Bubbles, Musica, Mz. Berlin, Nadyia, Nikki Sebastion, Nix, Pangea, Peg, Rayne, Regan Maddux, Renee, Rory, Samsara, Sarah Lee Sinful, Scarlett, Scary Miss Mary, Seven, Shelly Ray, Sheridan, Shino, Skyler, Slartibartfast, Slave Lisa, Sophia, Tavie, Taylor Ray, Texana Colt, Thorn, Turreywolez, Victor.

Ten years now. Here’s to ten more perversions, kinks, sexuality, weirdness and always and forever, personalities.