More Vintage thingamabobs and things

Just quickly updating some the vintage collection. There’s a little more disco than I like to have, but sometimes you can’t say no to a good fro.

I’ve also been building custom lighting rigs and camera stands for the 3D scanning stuff. Once they’re ready, Mystique will be back to help me break them in. She’ll also be the first model to work with me on the tentative “Witch in the Woods” series.

More Vintage nonsense

I’m being crushed by a project that’s been going on and on, over-budget and continuous delays. In the background my collection of (slightly ignored) vintage negs has been piling up and I haven’t had a moment to get them organized and scanned.

Well, I’m taking a few well deserved moments to bring you up to date in preparation for the marathon scanning I’ll have to do once I’m out from under the elephant.

Behold! A small mountain of vintage pinups, porn and general nonsense: