Dinosaurs, Patreon and Porn

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This is what a cold looks like. Ifyadidntknow…

Been sick the past week and it’s been driving me nuts. This morning I couldn’t take it anymore. Grabbed my camera and a box of tissues and got on the road to scope out locations for a shoot.

Ended up in Dinosaur Valley National Park. It was flooded but I squeezed off a few shots anyway.

Here’s a few.

P.S. I started a Patreon account to gather some coin to support my photography (porn!) and 3D work. I would very much like you to participate.  Check it out at the link below. 😀


And now I’m off to bed… again.

Location, location, location

Itching to explore today. I had to get out to see new things, or old things from a new perspective. I had never seen these things from this angle before.

That counts as exploring, right?

I may squeeze a nude woman doing awful things in this location someday.

Also, there’s this:

et mortuus est in civitate, fornicariis tactus in furore
Chloe S.

Location Scouting

headstone of an unknown infant.
headstone of an unknown infant.

Doing a little research today, found a very hidden, very forgotten cemetery. Looking at it from a distance, it doesn’t seem like much, a little grove with some shady trees. The regular spaced rocks mostly obscured by the grass tells the real story.

It’s predominantly a child cemetery. The vast majority of these old budget headstones are for children and infants barely a year old. The dates range a century, 1840’s to the 1940’s, and after that it seems that it’s mostly left to time.

Someone has come to mow, I suspect the city is doing this. It’s a little forgotten piece of death, so completely tucked away I don’t think those people who line the circumference of this land know it’s even here.

I think I’ll put a nude women here doing terrible things to herself. Just a thought.

Recon Motels pt. 2

Here is the infamous Como motel and the Pines Motel.

So far, I have to say, the Como is the most promising. We’ll see, I’ll be shooting here next week.

Recon Motels pt. 1

Based on some suggestions from fellow Fetlife users, I checked up on a few locations for possible future shoots. The exteriors definitely had some of the elements I was looking for. However the interiors weren’t where I needed them. Plus they aren’t anywhere near as close to the areas I need to be in.

I’m off to check some possibilities tomorrow.  More motel signage porn tomorrow.