Week in Review (Oct. 21, 2016)

I’ve published the Weekly Gallery a little earlier in the week. It’s a suggestion from a friend who thinks that maybe people are too busy having fun on the weekends to support a pornographer… err, artist.

It’s a good idea, worth a try. I don’t think it ever occurred to me that people have lives and do things on the weekends. Don’t they stare at a computer monitor and edit photos and scans all weekend long? I’m not sure if I can live in a world that isn’t a social recluse like myself.

So, other than that I got more lights over the week for scanning and shootin’. I’ll have to back off on the purchases for a little while… I can hear my bank account dry heaving.

I’ve spent a good amount of time working on the next book. Here’s a little preview of some of the sugar contained therein:

There ya go. Just for you. Now share it and this post with your friends and come on by Patreon to support a cantankerous old fuddy-duddy like lil’ ol’ me.

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The Week in Review (Oct. 14, 2016)

The week was good! It’s been a sort of mini-vacation with an artist friend. We’ve gluttoned* lots of good food, lots of good drink and lots of laughs.

I’ve even had some time to do a scan test on him.


The scans are getting better, the technology is getting more manageable. It really is becoming a resource issue now. Space, light and cameras – Increase those elements while decreasing time and we’re golden.

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