Some bleary-eyed updates

I’m pooped. But I’m chugging on. There’s been a few new additions to the portfolio and a new addition to my Candy Earle collection too.


Here’s the new Candy Earle:

Candy Earle

Some 3D updates as well… The first prototype camera array has been built and it does work. Just not enough cameras (or the right lens if I’m being totally honest) to produce a clean scan, but it does scan. I’m on the hunt for the material and keep y’all appraised of my progress.

P.S. Totally check out my casting call, because Rhubarb tastes more like stewed prunes than asparagus. That’s why.

I did a thing

This thing was done did.

Just a quick scan from that Pee-rot Museum, using 15 quick and dirty photos. Here’s the thing:

And here’s one of the photos that helped generate this scan:

On the flip side, I have some new models to post. I need a little time to much with the photos and then I’ll post ’em.

Stay shaggy you fools.