The Week in Review

I may stray a little further afield from just one week. A lot has been happening.

First of all, I’ve had a couple of shoots with Whiskey Waffles, a musician and model, an all around bad ass. I’ve been negligent in posting her photos, but that will change this upcoming week, I promise.

Whiskey Waffles eating grapes and checking out my book, Derp BIRDS
Whiskey Waffles eating grapes and checking out my book, Derp BIRDS

We had two photo shoots, with the second session including a 3D scan. Now this scan didn’t turn out as well as I hoped. I knew it wouldn’t meet my expectations, we started too late in the day and lost too much light. I became dependent on my studio lights which weren’t bright enough or diffuse enough to provide a good scanning environment (since then I’ve bought more lights and diffusion material… throw that little factoid in with the pile of this week’s accomplishments).

However, all is not lost. I did get a good enough scan, and with some fiddling was able to rescue some of it. Half a scan is better than nothing and in my mind I’m creating material to use for the larger and greater good (The Greater Good).

I have a plan for this scan once it gets a little closer to completion.

I’ve also put some time in on working on the new book. It’s gonna be big, huge even. In all likely hood it’ll be broken up into two volumes. There might be a tiny preview coming… might be.

I was able to get in touch with Sophia, briefly. She had an amazing idea for a shoot and I’m anxious to try it. I already have it completely visualized in my head. Sadly, haven’t heard back from her since. Hopefully this hasn’t fizzled out, but she is a busy girl. *shrug*

Patreon updates:

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