Dallas, TX – Looking for petite or tiny women for some unique modeling work.

This is a paid gig for women of any age or ethnicity who’s petite, tiny and/or thin.

My work is going in new directions, including new technologies and vision. I need to shoot with as many petite women as possible over the next few years to make this vision come true.

(Actually, I’ll need to shoot as many varied body types as I can, but for now I want to concentrate on smaller women.)

What you should know: This is nude work and like the rest of my work – it’ll be explicit and shameless. You should be comfortable with being viewed as a desirable and sexualized object/being.

I prefer to shoot with new models, fresh faces and amateurs, but all are welcome and encouraged to apply.

Send me a note at my email address (model@dvu5.com) and include 5 reference photos of yourself (include a clear headshot & several full figure shots), full name, date of birth, email address, your height/weight, and typical schedule/availability over the course of a week.